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In commercial woodland the damage caused by squirrels is costly.

The removal of bark around the trunk of a tree prevents the transportation of nutrients to the branches above and hence the tree dies. In the garden squirrels can cause similar damage to your own trees. Furthermore they can dig numerous holes in the lawn in which to put food caches. Squirrels will also dig up newly planted bulbs.

Perhaps the most worrying damage is caused by those squirrels who choose to make their homes in loft space. They may build huge nests which can involve the use of large quantities of loft insulation. Squirrels are also far from light-footed and it can sound as if a herd of elephants has taken up residence, in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire homes!

The major worry of squirrels in a roof space, apart from the noise factor, is their tendency to gnaw electrical cabling which can cause a fire to break out. Squirrels produce nests between January and March and later in the year from June to August Manchester, Stockport and Chrishire.

Squirrel Control Treatment

The Manchester Pest Control can either trap the squirrel or use a bait.  In either case you need to ensure that you remove the animal from the loft as quickly as possible as they cause significant damage and may cause a fire risk.  We offer a fast prompt service and have treated many squirrels in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas.  Squirrels are an increasingly common problem and we are fully qualified and experienced at resolving squirrel pest control related issues.  We only use safe, humane and effective squirrel treatments.

Identifying a Squirrel

There are two different types of squirrel found in Britain; the grey squirrel and the red squirrel. The number of red squirrels has declined rapidly since the 1940's and it is now almost entirely absent from the south. However, the number of grey squirrels has risen dramatically over the same period due to their ability to adapt to a wide variety of surroundings.

Most people can identify a squirrel by its distinctive bushy tail.  The squirrel's head and body together measure between 25 and 26.5 cm - (9 to 10"), in length. They have short front legs and much more powerful hind limbs which enables them to leap to and from heights in excess of 6 meters (20ft).

Squirrels have excellent eyesight and are particularly sensitive to movement. Smell is also important as the squirrel uses this sense to find caches of food it has buried. The presence of touch sensitive whiskers around the nose and elsewhere prevent the squirrel from bumping into objects, which is particularly important when jumping over large distances.

The squirrel is a member of the rodent family and common to the other members has teeth that grow continuously through-out its life. This enables the teeth to be maintained in good, sharp condition which is vital for feeding.

Squirrels will feed on virtually any food that becomes available, be it the nuts on a bird table or the sweet sap beneath the bark of trees. What they eat is largely dependent upon their habitat. Their natural food is tree seed; including acorns and beech nuts.

In deciduous woodlands, tree seeds are only produced during the autumn. In order for the squirrel to survive the winter months it buries these tree seeds below the surface of the soil in a cache. When food become scarce the squirrel uses its sense of smell to locate these stores of food. Unfortunately squirrels have developed a taste for the sweet sap beneath bark and frequently strip bark from trees to obtain it. Squirrels gain most of their water from their food but they will drink from hollows in trees, garden ponds and bird baths.

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